STORYLINE:  "The world has changed. In fact, it is dying. And Mother Nature is weak. She has wept on her garden one last time. In its presence, were the trees, the bugs, the weeds and children giving all these creatures a new powerful life. Within a few years, the water supply will evaporate. Only the plant world will have the remaining liquid source of life. But one by one, the plants succumb to human desperation and most species become extinct. The only water source left is from the world of weeds. And everyone is out to get them. This remaining group of plants, lead by a dandelion by the name of Papel, have learned from Mother Nature how to survive. They have physically uprooted themselves and begin a diaspora journey to an island with the help of the Wind and some crying kids, but will need to first survive the long battle of the Nature War and the struggle for the Liquid Root of Life."