"The Death of a landscape. The Rise of Emotive Plants. The struggle for equality in a Nature War."

The Crying 5

**NEW** Super Limited Edition 1st printing packs of the Crying 5 "Outward Reflections"

available locally in Hawaii and includes a story collector card


Drawings by Xisco




Welcome to Xisco Peculiar's surreal world. It is filled with emotive creatures of bugs and weeds and crying characters fighting for survival in the only paradise left on Earth. There is an island in the Pacific where a Nature war is about to begin. The world has ended. Water is scarce. Mother Nature has departed and children are learning their new bestowed powers.  From the arrogant mistakes of previous man, nature exists in a confused state and will eventually become a greater power than man. Osmosis of the emotional human race is now a reality for plants and bugs. The new emotive landscape begins the Nature War among plants and bugs leaving the children to be caught in the middle. Discover the struggles in the search for water, the engagement of plant love, and the powerful existence of tears in this new tale by the visionary hand of Xisco Peculiar all by way of limited edition art, stationery, clothing, discarded objects and ephemera.


You can find Xisco at an art fair, a gallery, and in the retail studio on the island of Oahu. Follow on instagram @xiscopeculiar or contact for more information at the above link.


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